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Ben Brason

Backflip Ben

Co-owner | Instructor at Academy Of Movement


Bens Story

Ben first started backflipping at the age of 7 where he attended Kings Lynn Gymnastics club in Norfolk, competing in Acro and Tumbling Gymnastics. He went on to University in Leeds where he trained at Leeds Gymnastics club. During his time in Yorkshire he was selected to represent Great Britain in tumbling, whilst gaining his degree in Sports Coaching (BSc).

After his competitive gymnastics career Ben became head coach of an Artistic Gymnastics club in Aireborough, from here he really put his degree into practice and created a competitive Mens Artistic gymnastics section of the club, he also introduced Adult and Freestyle gymnastics classes. Ben has always believed that you can do gymnastics whatever your age or ability, it's a brilliant way of staying fit and thus why he started these classes.

Bens performance career began in 2012 after he was hand-picked to perform at the London 2012 Olympics Opening, Closing and Paralympic closing ceremonies. It was from here that Bens life changed forever as he fell in love with performing and this side of his career began. Since then Ben has performed all over the world in various shows and events as well as performing in Adverts, TV and Film.
Credits include: Snow White Panto - London Palladium, Cirque Du Soleil -Dubai world cup, Yorkshire tea Advert, TriOperas, D’junga trampoline wall show, Butlins - Emergency Entertainment, Cirque du Citroen, Italy’s Got Talent, NFL and many more.
Other achievements include gaining a Guinness World record for the most consecutive backflips on spring loaded stilts, building and forming a trampoline wall acrobatic show called Spring Loaded which is performing today and his very own bouncing, jumping robot called BounceBot.

Academy of Movement sees Ben coming full circle from coaching to performing and back to coaching, however now with years of experience in the arts he is keen to help make some super stars.



 Watch Bens video reel 

All of our staff are
  • DBS checked
  • Fully Qualified Professionals
  • First Aid Certified
  • Hold Comprehensive insurance and strict safeguarding policies

"I believe anyone can learn to backflip and we are here to show them how"

Q. Why did you originally start gymnastics?
As a kid I always thought the idea of being able to backflip was awesome, one day my mate from down the road said "it would be cool to be able to do a backflip", from that our parents took us to Kings Lynn Gymnastics club and instantly I fell in love with the sport.

Q. What do you feel is your biggest achievement?
I am incredibly lucky and feel so proud of my career thus far, working some truly amazing events such as the London 2012 Olympic ceremonies, being on stage at the London Palladium. The Dubai World Cup with Cirque Du Soleil is a massive highlight of mine.
Sometimes the sense of achievement can surprise you for example I always feel such a sense of achievement when I write and direct a show and see it come to life. Or another big sense of achievement is teaching someone to do a skill they have always dreamt of doing. I believe anyone can backflip and we are here to show them how. When they achieve it I get as much joy out of that as they do.

Q. What discipline do you enjoy teaching the most?
Thats a tricky one because I get so much joy in seeing someone create a world class act just as I do with introducing someone to the world of circus or gymnastics. Creating amazing memories is certainly what I aim to do and our workshops are fantastic for that.

Q. Apart from backflips what else do you do?
Well one of my philosophies is taking something and making it different, most people have seen a backflip so i took those backflips and put them on Spring Loaded stilts. Somersaulting off the top of a 6 meter high wall onto a trampoline is also something i love. I currently perform all over the UK and worldwide anything from Jumping Stilts, Trampoline Wall, Spinning Cube, LED/Pixel shows and general character work, the character work is often really amusing and brilliant fun clowning around.

Q. How does it feel to have a world record?
Holding a Guinness World record has always been a dream of mine and to now finally have one is fantastic, its up on the wall proudly in our house. I hope to beat my own world record one day and a few more in the future too.

Q. What are your hopes and dreams for Academy of Movement?
Well starting this business with Jamie is already a dream come true...too cheesy ok...I really hope we can give back and introduce thousands to the world of circus, as I really think it is a wonderful world to live in. I want to show people that you can create a career out of it, that your gymnastics career doesn't have to end when you stop competing, because believe me performing acrobatics on a stage is so much more fun than competition and so much more free. I really hope that one day we can put on a big stage show with all of our participants and showcase what talent we have come across.

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