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School Workshops

Education with a difference

African Dance
Learn about Africa through dance. Our professional dance teacher will have the whole class dancing to the beats of Africa
Around the world Dance
Each class will learn a iconic dance from a country. At the end of the workshop each class will perform their dance and go on a trip around the world.
Balance & coordination...On Stilts!
A fun and exciting workshop where all the class will learn to walk on stilts
Bollywood Dance
Dance like the iconic movies of Bollywood, learn dances from a professional Bollywood dancer
Circus Skills
Circus skills are a fantastic way to get children moving, learning hand eye coordination and pushing their own abilities. Learn to Plate spin, Poi spin, Feather balance and learn the first steps to unicycling and juggling
Dance the Decades
Get your school dancing through the decades with styles ranging from the 20's to the 90's
Dumbo Circus Skills
A fantastic Dumbo themed circus skills workshop. Participants will perform Circus skills with the company of an elephant.
European Dance
Discover Europe through Dance. Our industry professional will have you dancing and learning about Europe
Forensic Circus
The class will be using forensic science cleverly masked in all the fun of the circus. Children will have to work out which clown stole the Ringmasters Top Hat, looking at finger prints, DNA and much more
The Greatest Workshop
Learn Circus skills from real circus performers and watch them perform! The day is set the theme of the hit movie "The Greatest Showman"
Inflatable Acrobatics
Learn gymnastics in the safest environment. This easy to set up inflatable tumble track can be set up in your school hall or playing field. The workshop will be lead by a former Great Britain gymnast.
Internet Safety with a Robot!
Meet a real life robot and learn about why safety on the internet is so important....especially when it comes to updating the robot!
Irish Dancing
Irish dancing will get your whole class moving, learn the origins of Irish dancing from a professional who has been all around the world performing Irish dance
Lets make Juggling Balls
Combining circus and Art, not only will each child get to make 3 juggling balls of there own to take home but they will also be taught how to juggle them by a professional from the circus industry
Musical Movement
Learn the choreography to your favourite musicals from an Industry professional
Olympic Dance
Explore choreography from around the world. Choose your classes country and let the games begin
Olympic Gymnastics
Meet and train with former GBR gymnasts. Watch them perform an incredible display and learn the skills
Space Education Show
Space Hopper is a educational show all about gravity and space travel, featuring a real life robot!
Workshops are also available throughout the day, classes build and customise their own robot ready for space travel.
Term Topics - Dance
With years of experience we can turn many school term Topics into a dance class, see our previous topics by clicking this page
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