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Academy Of Movement - Adult Class Informed Consent 

The aims of this aerial/acrobatic/circus session (or series of sessions) are to improve cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and to learn new skills and moves. 


The session will begin with a warm up / conditioning. We will then learn a series of new moves or transitions. This will follow with some acrobatic elements finishing with a cool down, incorporating stretches to improve flexibility. 


Please notify the instructor before the session if you have sustained any injuries, illnesses or medical conditions or if you feel there are parts of the session you are unable to take part in. Participation is completely voluntary. All information given to the instructor is completely private and confidential under data protection legislation. Please ask as many questions as possible during the session, especially if you do not completely understand any move that is demonstrated. 


As with all exercise, aerial and acrobatic classes carry an element of risk and you may experience some bruising or burn, tenderness around the backs of your knees and on the palms of your hands and feel slightly achy for a few days afterwards. This session has been designed to minimise those risks and with continued practice your body will become conditioned to the movements involved. If during the session you feel excessive pain or discomfort, please notify the instructor immediately.  

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