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Academy Of Movement - Parent & Tots Informed Consent 

The aims of the Parent & Circus Tots sessions are to improve coordination, communication, physical movement, mental development and assist the children in learning the skills needed for starting school.


The session will begin with a communication / vocal warm up followed by a physical warm up. The session will then follow whichever theme takes place each week. 


We expect parents to support their children throughout the session both verbally and physically, our coaches will show you how best to support your child when performing skills. 


Please notify the instructor before the session if you or your child have sustained any injuries, illnesses or medical conditions or if you feel there are parts of the session you or they are unable to take part in. 


Participation is completely voluntary and if you need to sit out with your child at anytime then this is allowed. All information given to the instructor is completely private and confidential under data protection legislation. 


Please ask as many questions as possible during the session, especially if you do not completely understand any move that is demonstrated. 


As with all exercise, aerial, acrobatic and circus classes carry an element of risk. This session has been designed to minimise those risks. If during the session you / your child feel excessive pain or discomfort, please notify the instructor immediately and we can assess the situation. 


Class Etiquette 


  • It is your responsibility to supervise and support your child at all times

  • Children are not allowed on any of the equipment unless instructed to do so

  • No Food / Drink allowed in class or on any of the equipment

  • Remember this is not a ‘play centre’. Please follow all instructions from the coaches

  • Mobile phones are not permitted unless to take photos of your own child only

  • Parents / guardians are not permitted to demonstrate / go on the equipment unless instructed by the coach

  • Do not attempt anything yourself or get your child to attempt a skill that is not part of the lesson

  • All participants (Parents / guardians & Children) must be in comfortable sports clothing, no large zips or large buttons.

  • All jewellery to be removed before class.

  • Please pay attention to the instructor, as it's not only distracting for them but the whole class, we want you all to have the best time whilst remaining safe


Sign below to confirm that you have agreed to participate in the session described above and that you understand you are able to withdraw from the session at any time.

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