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Class Timetable

Class timetable


Term Dates

We schedule our term dates to fit within the school calendar of Suffolk County council, typically these are in 6-7 week blocks.
Our term dates for 2022 are as follows:

Spring Term 1
Jan 10th - Feb 20th

Spring Term 2
28th Feb - April 10th

Summer Term 1
25th April - 29th May

Summer Term 2
June 6th - Jul 22nd

Please note that term dates are subject to change, and 6 weeks notice will always be given for any changes to class dates


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Circus Classes

Roll up, Roll up! Our Circus Minis/Juniors class offers a wide range of different Circus skills all in one fun, jam packed class. 

Children will be split by age groups between our 2 coaches and principles Ben & Jamie. They will learn different aerial skills from hoop & slings to acrobatics on our giant inflatable air track, try out some tightrope walking, before finishing up with a hands on Circus skill such as plate spinning, diablo, juggling and much more. 

At Academy Of Movement, children will improve their movement, balance and hand-eye coordination, whilst reinforcing speaking and listening skills. You will see their physical, social and expressive development soar. 

Our classes provide a fun gateway to physical education. 


Circus Skills
(ground based acts)

Circus Skills Classes (No Aerial or Acrobatics)

Circus Skills are specifically for students who would like to take their hands on Circus skills to the next level! Each class we will spend an hour looking at learning and improving different ground based skills such as:

- Stilt Walking 

- Juggling 

- Rolla Bolla

- Walking Globe

- Unicycling

- Diablo 

- Plate spinning 

+ much more


Acro Dance

Acro Dance Classes


Our Acro Dance class provides a fusion of dance styles, acrobatic elements and gymnastics on our inflatable Airtrack. Acro technique includes balancing, limbering, tumbling, flexibility, contortion and strength.


Children will be split by age group between our 2 coaches and principles Ben & Jamie. In these classes, children will improve their strength and flexibility, learn proper technique and style. The lines and extension of acrobatic movements within a dance element, will be built upon in the right progression for each child and their ability. Producing dancers and acrobats that can blend tricks and dance with musicality and emotional expression.





Our aerial classes are split into 4 classes

- Aerial Minis (5-7yrs)

- Aerial Hoop (8+)

- Aerial Sling (8+)

- Aerial Silks (8+)

All our aerial classes follow a carefully designed programme allowing the students to progress safely from one apparatus to the next. Children will learn new aerial skills and tricks, with class emphasis on having fun and the opportunity to create stunning acts to perform in our showcases


Our 8+ aerial classes can be found below:


Aerial Hoop


Aerial Slings


Aerial Silks


Gymnastics / Acrobatics

Gymnastics / Acrobatics

This class is designed specifically for children to learn gymnastics and acrobatic skills. Unlike traditional gymnastics club, we aim to offer students the opportunity to perform in displays, showcases and bring their skills to life.


We will be working on tumbling and trampette within the class as well as lots of other gymnastics skills such as acrobalance, hand balance and various tricks! Roll up, roll up and become an acrobat! 

Taught by former GBR gymnast and Circus acrobat Ben these classes have clear goals and specific moves for each child to achieve. We aim to bring out the best in each student and also play to their acrobatic strengths within the class, meaning anyone can join. 


Circus Tots

Circus Tots (Ages 3½ - 5yrs)

The perfect introduction to the magical world of Circus. Each week we will be playing Circus games as well as introducing your little ones to an exciting Circus skill. Throughout the term, we will be looking at the first steps towards aerial hoop, acrobatics and hands on Circus equipment such as juggling scarves, spinning poi and diablo. Exploring their bodies move, jump, hang and balance. 

At Academy Of Movement, children will reinforce fine and motor skills, improve hand-eye coordination, boost self esteem and social skills as well to instill enthusiasm in the learning process. 

Our classes provide a fun gateway into physical education, we keep our Circus Tots class under an hour as this class is without parents its seen as a fantastic way of getting children ready for the next big step into full classes with us. 


Parent & Circus Tots

Parent and Circus Tots (Ages 2½ - 4½yrs)

Come along and experience all the fun and laughter of the Circus with your little one


Each week the Circus takes on a different theme whether its looking at animals and acrobats, travelling to the beach or outer space. Our carefully planned lessons make learning unique and exciting and is a fantastic gateway into physical activity. 


We will be playing all sorts of Circus games, as well as introducing your little ones to an exciting Circus skill, through story telling, songs and team work. With plenty of physical activities, including gymnastics, hanging from aerial equipment and hands on Circus skills.


This is a structured class for both Parent and Child which is lead by two Instructors.... and not forgetting Rory the Lion 🦁


Adult Classes

Adult aerial classes

Possibly the most unique and fun way to keep fit!

We now offer:


- Adult Aerial Hoop

- Adult Aerial Silks

- Adult Acrobatics

Each class will involve a warm up, conditioning, tricks and moves on the equipment, finishing up with a cool down. 

Classes are suitable for all abilities, come and join the fun!

Click on a class below to book

*Multi-class discount now available*


Adult Aerial Hoop

Our Adult Aerial classes are a great way to learn the basics of aerial hoop, and a brilliant way to build strength. We will be learning a variety of poses, moves and balances, progressing towards combinations of moves. 

Each class will involve a warm-up on our air track, conditioning, hoop tricks and moves, finishing up with a cool down. 

Classes are suitable for all abilities, so whether you're a complete beginner or tried it before this class is for you. 



Adult Aerial Silks

Our Adult Silks classes are a great way to learn the basics of aerial silks, and a brilliant way to build strength. 

We will be learning a variety of climbs, moves, wraps and eventually drops progressing towards combinations and transitions of different positions. Each class will involve a warm-up, conditioning, a few tricks and moves, finishing with a cool down. 

Classes are suitable for all abilities, so whether you're a complete beginner or tried it before this class is designed for everyone.  



Adult Acrobatics

Finally we have an adult acrobatics class! 

We will be learning all ground based acrobat skills including tumbling and trampette! 

We will work on skills such as jumps, somersaults and rolls. These skills will then be added together to create full length tumbles. 

No previous gymnastic experience is necessary we can cater for all abilities. 



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