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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I book a class?
    Classes can be booked online via our website. Simply click on ‘Book a class’ button displayed at the top of your screen and choose the class you wish to book. You can also click the button below to see a full list of our classes:
  • Do you offer a trial?
    We provide two trial sessions and suggest that every child participates in both trials before signing up to ensure they absolutely LOVE IT before committing, we are confident that they will! Each trial is up to £6, to book a trial click the link button below:
  • What happens if the class I want to book is full?
    We have options to join a waiting list, simply select the class you would like and click ‘join the waiting list’. An alternative to get into classes quicker is for us to put you on multiple waiting lists, you can select the time, days of the week and skills that your child is interested in therefore making it easier to find a class that suits them. To fill out our waiting list questionnaire click the button below:
  • How much are classes?
    For a regular one-hour class, the cost is only £29.50 per month.
  • Can I stay and watch my child's class?
    In our experience and inline with our safeguard policy, children then to relax, pay attention, and enjoy the lessons far more without a parent or carer watching as it tends be very distracting to the class. Therefore parents are only allowed to settle a child in for their first class in rare circumstances when the child is feeling quite uncomfortable.
  • Can my child come to classes with no prior experience?
    At AOM we are proud of our inclusive approach providing opportunities for everyone to participate and thrive. Through our commitment to supportive learning, creativity, professionalism, inclusivity, and teamwork, we aim to enrich the lives of all our students and build a stronger, more connected community.
  • Do your classes run in the school holidays?
    We run during school term time only, and follow Suffolks school calendar as best as possible. We do offer camps during various school holidays, to see our camps and what we have to offer during the school holidays please click the buttons below:
  • What is a subscription?
    We offer a monthly subscription for all our classes, making it easy to stay on top of payments. This subscription spreads the cost of 37 classes per year into manageable monthly payments, distributing the expense evenly throughout the year. To manage our payments, we use the ClassForKids system.
  • How do you work out my payments?
    To facilitate convenience and financial planning for parents, we implement a monthly payment susbcription that encompasses all class fees for the entire year. These payments are divided into 12 installments to cover the 37 classes in the year, ensuring affordability and ease of budgeting.
  • Is there a registration / membership fee?
    Whilst we are running out of community centres there is no registration / membership fee
  • What is your cancelation policy?
    If you plan to cancel a class with us, kindly provide us with one month's notice via email. Our accounts team will then handle any outstanding payments. This one-month policy is in effect to confirm the student's decision and allows us to fill the vacant spot in the class.
  • Do you offer a sibling discount?
    We do not offer a sibling discount as we provide a multi-class discount for students who enrol in multiple classes. This allows families to benefit from reduced rates when their children take advantage of the variety of classes we offer.
  • Do you offer a discount for multiple classes?
    Yes! We provide a multi-class discount for students who enrol in multiple classes. This allows families to benefit from reduced rates when their children take advantage of the variety of classes we offer.
  • Do you take childcare vouchers?
    As a small independent business we are unable to offer childcare vouchers as we are not ofsted registered.
  • What performance opportunities will be child get to take part in?
    We offer annual performance opportunities for all of our students, these are as follows: - Spring Presentation Day - Photoshoot day - Summer Theatre Show - Performance Camp (In school holidays as extra camp) - Winter Presentation Day There may also be the odd school fate, parade or other opportunities that arise at various points of the year, these can be group / class dependant.
  • What are presentation days?
    Academy Of Movement believe in offering as many performance opportunites to the students, whilst also giving parents more chances to see their Childs progress. Our presentation days clearly mark progress by each student performing a set routine for their level. At your child's first ever presentation day they will be awarded the official Academy Of Movment Lanyard. This will then act as a keepsake for all presentation days to come and your child will be able to collect pin badges for each level progressed as a presentation day. These days are tonnes of fun, please see a link to a previous presentation day below:
  • Does my child have to take part in the presentation days?
    Whilst it’s not compulsory we encourage all students to participate in our presentationdays.It gives the students the opportunity to show how hard they have been working in class, receive our gold medalled AOM lanyard and the chance to be awarded our spectacular pin badges.
  • Do you do a yearly theatre show?
    YES! This is usually the highlight of the year. Each theatre show is usually in July. Each class will perform an act that they have been working on in class, this will usually have a theme or story to the show and give the students a chance to really show off some super cool tricks and get creative with them!
  • Does my child have to take part in the yearly theatre show?
    Although participation in our yearly shows is not mandatory, we highly encourage all students to take part. It's a fantastic opportunity to build confidence, have fun, and truly feel part of something special.
  • Are there additional fees for performance opportunities?
    To hold such events requires a substantial outlay in both time and resources, which can’t be covered by the regular class fees. There are additonal fees to take part to cover venue hire, costumes, staff cost, technical costs etc. For this reason all performance opportunities are optional event for those that want to participate.
  • Do you follow at set syllabus?
    At Academy Of Movement we follow our very own level system, collaborated with GB tumbling coaches, and expert professionals in the circus industry. Our level system, also known as the 'My Movement' Curriculum ensures students learn the foundations and fundamentals before progressing through the levels.
  • Will my child go into the lowest level, even if they have prior experience?
    Each students journey is different, and each individual will be placed in a level best suited to them, regardless of age. Our two trial classes allow us to asses each students needs, and cater to their unique strengths and areas of improvement. Ensuring they can thrive, make the most progress and receive a personalised learning experience.
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