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Academy Of Movement - Party Disclaimer form
Please fill out the form below prior to attending the birthday party. All participants must have submitted a completed form prior to taking part in one of Academy Of Movements Parties. Thank you so much and enjoy the party!
Please complete all details below:
Does your child have any medical or other needs that our teachers need to be aware of?
Agreement to waivers


I understand that there may be some inherent risk of injury associated with my child’s participation in Circus / Gymnastics / Dance and sports / performing arts related physical activities provided by Academy Of Movement.. I hereby waive any and all claims of liability and agree to release and hold harmless Academy Of Movement in the event that such an injury occurs to my child as a result of taking part in Academy Of Movements activities. 


I hereby give my permission to Academy Of Movement  to procure medical attention for my child in the event of an injury, accident, and/or illness to my child while participating in Academy Of Movement activities which, in the opinion of a paramedic or a medically trained practitioner, requires urgent medical attention and a parent, legal guardian or any given emergency contact are not available.



I voluntarily enter the premises of Academy Of Movement with my child and family members, and acknowledge that there may be inherent risk of exposure to, and contracting, infectious diseases, including but not limited to, influenza & COVID-19 associated with this and my child’s participation in Academy Of Movements activities.

Photography Permission (Optional)
Academy of movement may wish to take photographs and/or videos during the party for promotional purposes, please select below if you do / do not wish for your child to have photos or videos taken.
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