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Dance your Term Topics 

Get your topic moving and turn it into a dance workshop

Movement and dance can link to so many different term topics. We can help bring a subject to life through movement and dance, enhancing their learning outside of the classroom to keep them engaged and having fun. Covering countries, continents, history and celebrations

Previous Workshops include: 

  • Black History month - Africa - Get everyone moving to the beats of africa in our energetic African dance workshop

  • Diwali Festival - India and multicultural days - Bring this vibrant diverse culture to life

  • Brasil & Rio - Carnival dance workshops are a great way to kick off your topic

  • Saints day - Try our Morris and folk dancing lessons to celebrate this day

  • Olympics - Our around the world dances and Olympic days are a great way to bring the taste and spirit of Olympics to your school.

  • Chinese New Year - Dance with a dragon and learn the history of the chinese new year through dance.

  • European Dance - Covers healthy eating, fitness week, St Patricks Day and many other international topics to your school.

  • Decades - Learning different styles from the 1900’s has never been more fun. Wether it be Charleston, Disco or the waltz bring these decades to life.

  • USA - Covering a wide range of dance styles linked to the USA such as Line dancing, Cheerleading and Street dance.

Please let us know whatever subject you think our Dance workshops would be suited for and we can put a class together 

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